UTC mortar is a semi premix high quality mortar for jointing and bonding of AAC blocks, concrete blocks, hollow blocks, clay bricks and fly ash bricks. UTC mortar semi premix consists of cement, graded sand and specialised polymers which combine to give superior strength, water retention and stability. It replaces the conventional method and material of jointing mortar which requires a 12-18 mm thickness with a revolutionary 2-3 mm joint thickness. UTC mortar only requires addition of water before application to prepare the product for use, reducing the hassle of measuring and maintaining various individual elements to create a conventional mortar. Standard specification code followed is ASTM C1660-09.



Size (mm)
L x H x W
Jointing surface
area of 1 block (Sq.Ft.)
Mortar required in
KG per Block (170 sq. ft. / 40 kg)
Blocks Required
for 100 Sq.Ft.
Jointing Mortar in
KG required for 100 Sq. Ft.
650 x 250 x 75 1.45 0.34 57.17 19.55
650 x 250 x 100 1.94 0.46 57.17 26.06
650 x 250 x 125 2.42 0.57 57.17 32.58
650 x 250 x 150 2.91 0.68 57.17 39.09
650 x 250 x 200 3.88 0.91 57.17 52.13
650 x 250 x 225 4.36 1.03 57.17 58.64
650 x 250 x 250 4.84 1.14 57.17 65.16
650 x 250 x 300 5.81 1.37 57.17 78.19
650 x 200 x 100 1.83 0.43 71.46 30.77
650 x 200 x 150 2.74 0.65 71.46 46.15
650 x 200 x 225 4.12 0.97 71.46 69.23
600 x 200 x 100 1.72 0.41 77.42 31.37
600 x 200 x 150 2.58 0.61 77.42 47.06
600 x 200 x 225 3.88 0.91 77.42 70.59


Thin Joints :

Reducing the overall jointing material by around 75%, UTC mortar joints are also known for their high adhesive strength, enhancing the quality of masonry and minimizing shrinkage. Thin joints will also lead to accuracy in workmanship and neatness in the masonry work.

Less Quantity :

Since the quantity required is 75% less than conventional mortar, the storage requirements are comparatively minimal, saving site storage space and handling.

Negligible Seepage :

Due to the texture, chemical bond and properties of UTC mortar, seepage water penetration through joints is negligible.

Eco-Friendly :

UTC  mortar consists of materials that are environment friendly.

No Raking :

Raking of the joints or “U” grooving of the joints are not required before plastering, saving time and manpower.

Prevention Of Efflorescence :

Since the raw materials of UTC mortar are well processed and treated in a standardized condition and method, the chances of efflorescence are minimum.

Water Saver :

Water curing is not required after the application of UTC mortar as it contains self curing properties.

Minimum Process Time :

After UTC mortar is applied, the wall will be ready for plaster within a short time of just 24 hours.

Time Saving :

No site mixing required for various raw materials and overall less material required in the application process, which leads to less handling and quicker application, eliminating the lengthy process of wall construction.

Semi-Premix :

UTC AAC mortar bags are semi-premix solutions which only require the addition of water to prepare for application, reducing the hassle of mixing various raw materials and further saving a lot of time and manpower.

Easy Application :

Easy to mix, blend and apply due to the smooth texture of the mortar, the semipremix ensures higher flow-ability and water retention properties.


Properties Specification
Physical Nature Free Flowing Powder and Grey in Color
Water Demand for ease in application 25-30 %
Ease in spread on surface Excellent (In comparison to conventional mortar due to the consistency in texture and smoothness in application.)
Hard Dry Approx 24 hours (Further depending in the temperature & humidity conditions.)
Pot life* Approx. 30 Minutes
Mortar Required for jointing of two blocks
500-600 gm of UTC Mortar is sufficient with of length 650 mm and thickness 150 mm.
500-600 gm of UTC Mortar is sufficient with a bond thickness 2-3 mm.
Surface Area Covered by 40kg bag. 170 sq. ft. (Considering joint thickness of 2-3mm.)
Bulk Density 1650 - 1700 kg/m3
(In standard testing conditions - Without Vibration)

Ingredients : Graded Sand, Pozzolanic material, Binder, Performance additives.

Packaging : 40 Kg Bags.

Storage : Keep in dry place free from moisture and water. Do not leave the bag/bags open.

Shelf Life : Six months from the date of manufacture in the originally sealed packaging and with recommended storage conditions.


Parameters Values#

Splitting Tensile Strength

To measure the adhesion strength between two blocks of UTC when tested as per ASTM Method

≥ 0.34 N/mm2
Compressive Strength of Mortar @ 28 days ≥ 5.0 N/mm2
Particle Size Maximum 1mm
Workability Using Standard Flow Table. 170-180 mm with 28 % of Water at 27° C
Silt Content in Sand < 1%
Bulk Density 1650 - 1700 kg/m3 (In standard testing conditions - Without Vibration)

*Where pot life is defined as the period of time a reacting composition remains suitable for its intended processing after mixing with reaction - initiating agents.
#The Values obtained are from our laboratory testing conditions. Tests conducted on site conditions may show slight variation due to methods of testing/application.