UTCONCRETE   PVT. LTD. is one of India’s company formed to introduce the Eco-Friendly products for the benefit of the society and to save planet earth. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block is one of the Bricks which is being used world wide in countries like U.K.,USA,JAPAN,SWEDEN,SOUTH EAST ASIA, MIDDLE EAST, CHINA,INDIA etc. One of the raw material compositions contains fly ash which has been certified by CPWD as one of the essential component for saving our environment and forests vide circular no. CDO/SE(RR) Fly ASH:246, Dated:03/09/2002.

To save the nature,this revolutionary technology of AAC Blocks was invented by Swedish architect in 1920 and is being used all over the world. A few of the famous International ; National Buildings include:The Palm(Dubai),Al-Burj(Dubai),Emirates Palace(Dubai),Dubai Marine(Dubai),Royal Crescent Flats(London),One Central Park(Sydney),Hotel Four Seasons(China) etc. and I.T.C. The Leela,Marriot,Wockhardt(Hospital),Tapti Valley International School, Princess Business Park,Atlantis etc. in India.

KANSAL AAC Blocks are manufactured in fully automised plant with proportionate blend of cement,lime,fly ash,gypsum,aluminium and water.During the process the aluminium reacts with blend and generates hydrogen gas, which escapes and leaves millions of tiny air cells. These tiny air cells give honeycomb like strong cellular structure . These blocks are further strengthend by baking in high pressure stream autoclaves at high temperature fro 12-14 hrs. Thus, the end product AAC blocks are not only light weight but also has a very high compressive strength. This versatile light weight construction material is usually available in form of blocks in various sizes and have many advantages. KANSAL AAC Blocks are manufactured with the state-of- art technology in fully automatic plant under controlled quality parameters meeting International and Indian standard as per IS:21285(Part-3)- 1984.